A Cleansing Ritual: Desert Sage

When I was in Philly, I stopped at the Reading Terminal Market where I found myself at an all natural and holistic shop called Herbiary. As I was glancing through the miniature shop, I saw different types of sage located in the front. Recently, I have heard a lot about cleansing with sage and the practices that have become a common ritual for people. I became interested in sage and cleansing after hearing a story on Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London's routine. Other celebrities are cultivating their own rituals and practices as well, including R&B singer Jhené Aiko. Jhené spoke more about this during her Breakfast Club Interview. The singer includes sage cleansing in her morning routine by spraying herself with a sage infused aerosol.

Jhené, Nipsey, and others speak highly of this practice so I thought, why not give it a try. After I bought it I stood there thinking how do I even start? Before creating my own ritual, I decided to do some research on the history of sage and the significance of the practice.


Burning sage (formally known as smudging) began as an ancient ritual in the Native American culture. The Lakota, Cahuilla, and other Native American tribes first created the well-known practice that is still going on today. Burning sage has a number of benefits to help improve your well-being including, purification, eliminating negative energy, improved mood, etc. Burning sage has become a practice for many people wanting to create an aura around them. The process of burning sage is easy. You first light the end of the bundle and wave it throughout the air. The cleansings can either be internal or external. You can cleanse a room by waving the sage throughout it. For a more internal approach, you can mediate as the sage burns or wave the sage carefully around your body. After researching I wanted to see the results for myself. So, I created my own routine that incorporates this sacred ritual.


I wanted to start my routine when I am focused and alone. Because I am so busy throughout the day, I decided to carve out some time in the morning to sit, mediate, and cleanse. I have recently added writing in the morning to my routine as well. I've added this because it allows me to clear my thoughts and feelings, so I won't have to overthink throughout the day. I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce sage into my routine. After I release my feelings on the paper, I light the sage and ask for any negative or uneasy spirits and feelings to leave my mind and surroundings. I continue the routine by saying positive affirmations out loud. As the sage is burning, I sit still in silence for about five minutes and finish the ritual by saying thank you.

Continuously doing this routine has allowed me to become more intentional with my mornings. It has also helped me become relaxed and zen throughout the day. If you are looking for sage, there are multiple websites that sell them or you can head out to a holistic store!

Looking for the sage that I bought?


Desert Sage


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