A Fun Day in the District!

It is the holiday season, which means my hometown has a lot of cute pop-up events to attend! The first stop on our list was the Holiday Market. Holiday Market, located on 8th street in Washington, D.C, is a collection of different vendors that share their art with the public. My favorite vendor was the Vigilante Coffee Shop.

Vigilante's Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider were outstanding. They have other drinks as well including; the Mocha, Chia Nogg, and Lattes! If you missed them at the Holiday Market there are two locations in College Park and Hyattsville where you can experience the same satisfaction I did.

(My friend Allie holding her delicious Oat Mocha)

The Holiday Market had tons of artistic vendors selling everything you could think of. I stopped in a couple stores and looked at their portraits, clothing, and even tasted an authentic pretzel from Germany! Yum!

(such a great photo of Rabia!)

We decided to head to a food spot after searching through the market. I was craving some empanadas at one of the market stands but opted out for a juicy burger at the Shake Shack around the corner.

I haven't had Shake Shack in so long, so I chose the bacon cheeseburger with the bacon cheese fries. I know it's alot... but so worth it! My only regret was not getting one of their delicious milkshakes!

After stuffing our faces we headed to Miracle on 7th Street to end our night off. Miracle on 7th Street is a holiday pop-up bar with speciality drinks that you can order! It was decorated with beautiful ornaments and lights. It was basically a Christmas wonderland.

It was a small pop-up bar, but cute nonetheless! My friends and I got different drinks to share. I had the "A Christmas Prince and Chill" which includes Marker's Mark Bourbon, Red Wine Hot Chocolate, and a big vanilla marshmallow on top! It tasted like a nice creamy hot chocolate with a surprise taste of the bourbon at the end. I also tried the "Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen" (Hidalgo Cream Sherry, Dry Curacao, Spiced Cranberry Syrup, and Poem Cava), the "Panda Bei Bei" (Altos Olmeca Tequila, Vanilla, Lime, Perrier), and the "Nog Shot" ( A mix of Eggnog and a shot of liquor). It was a tie between the "Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen" and the Panda Bei Bei for me! Both of them were so good!!!

For more information on the Holiday Market and the Miracle on 7th Street pop-up bar check out these links...



Happy Holidays!


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