Corona Virus: What Students Should Do

For some, the two week break can be an exciting time, while for others, it can lead to a world of questions about future plans. As a graduating senior, it is scary to know what my future holds in regard to my college career and I'm sure there are others feeling the exact same way. As I prepare for these two weeks off, here are some tips that students can take advantage of during this break.

1. Enjoy This Time-Off

School is stressful and if you attend a school like mine, you barely get any time off to enjoy yourself. This is the perfect time to catch up on some TLC. From catching up on your Netflix shows to even creating a new daily routine, it is important that students learn to take some time for themselves. Often times we are always thinking about the next step into our future careers (which is important) but quality time with yourself is also needed. So, enjoy! Rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

2. Take This Time To Catch Up

My senior year of college has been extremely stressful. Between focusing on classes, working on my side businesses, filling out job applications, and trying to enjoy my last few months of "freedom", I have felt overwhelmed with everything that has filled my plate. Now that school has been postponed, taking this time to catch up on important things can be useful. To avoid being overwhelmed during this break try to split up your work throughout the week. Maybe on Monday you focus only on job applications and Wednesday you work on your business. Email your teachers to see if you are able to gain extra credit points or redo assignments to boost up your grade. This will show teachers that you are taking initiative, which can be beneficial on your part. You can also use this time to have one-on-one conversations with your teachers about materials or class information that you don't understand! Enjoying this time off is important, but you can also be intentional as well!

3. Learn A New Skill

I have decided during these two weeks to focus on new skills I have been wanting to learn. It was hard to be consistent during the school year because of my workload so I am happy to be able to take advantage of this time. If you have recently created your own business, use this time to learn how to market your company more effectively. Or maybe you just started your YouTube channel, this time can be use to learn different techniques to make your videos more creative. Learning a new skill is never easy and it takes a lot of time to become a master of it. These two weeks can provide you with an intro into the skill that you want to learn.

4. Enjoy Some Time With Family & Friends

As students, especially college students, spending quality time with your family and friends can be difficult for a number of reasons. Use this time to to give your grandparents a call or even have movie night with your family. Plan that lunch date with that friend you've been cancelling on, but be cautious when going out in public. Make sure that you are following proper protocols!

This time off can be useful for us college students so try to take advantage! Whether you want to sleep for three days, spend a whole day in bed watching tv shows, or even work on your business, this is a good time to do so!


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