My New Years Resolution!

To some, the typical list of resolutions at the start of the new year is cliche, but to me, it's a way to know what I want to accomplish this year and what my goals are moving forward. Each year I have the same resolutions on my list, lose weight, stop procrastinating, and use my time more wisely. As I sat down to write this year's list I wondered if those are really the goals I want to accomplish. Losing weight and being cautious of my time is something that I do want to achieve, but I wanted to think of goals that were going to change me as a person. I decided that this year's theme for myself is to be fearless!

This year I don't want to be comfortable. I want to explore things that make me nervous or scared. I want to try new foods, meet more people, travel to new places, and engage in different cultures. I want to laugh, cry, smile, and enjoy all the little things. I truly want to live. With that being said, here is my 2020 New Years Resolution List!

1. Sky Dive

2. Go to a dance class once a month

3. Go to an open mic once a month

4. Open my Web design business

5. Travel to 5 new places

6. Go to more seminars on topics that interest me

7. Be more vocal on what I want and don't want

8. Listen to understand and not listen to respond

9. More concerts and festivals

10. Cook more eat out less

Honorable Mentions

1. Lose weight

2. Read more books in my free time

3. Work smarter not harder

4. Take more pictures

5. Enjoy more quality time with the people I love

To me, 2020 is a fresh start. It is the beginning of the new year and a new decade. I want everything that I do in this life to be meaningful and impactful! So, cheers to 2020!

I hope in this new year you will be able to accomplish all your crazy ideas and dreams. What are some of your resolutions???


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