Rendered Inc.

Becoming energy efficient has been the new wave ever since the drastic need for climate change has sparked millennial interest. From local beach clean.-ups, to cleaning piles of trash from our ocean's coast, the number of creative ideas for a cleaner planet have been endless.

But, have you ever thought about environmental friendly clothing?

Yes, I said it clothing! Now you're probably asking herself how can you be energy efficient with clothing? Well, here's someone with the answer!

Meet Saba and her company Rendered Inc.

Rendered Inc, a 100% woman owned, black-owned, student-run business, is sustainable clothing marketplace that combats large "fast-fashion" companies by vending quality and rare use apparel. In addition to that, Rendered Inc educates the public by introducing different sustainable practices! The company sells curated selections of quality apparel handpicked by stylists who know what you like! Then they delivered to you sustainably (locally sourced and hand delivered), affordably, and quickly!

"At Rendered Inc., we pride ourselves on being sustainable through many avenues! Our inventory consist of quality clothing that we receive locally from thrift stores and consignment shops in the area. By doing so we are recycling clothes to a new home, developing a unique wardrobe and keeping clothes out of landfills!"

Saba first started this company at the University of Maryland back in October of 2018. With the help of three new members, Rendered Inc. has now become a successful business! Majoring in Economics with a Business minor, Saba turned her hobby of thrifting into a full-blown business! Evolving her love for fashion and environmental passion, Rendered Inc. is a company that is making it's "carbon footprint" on the world!

Rendered Inc. is constantly giving the public education on how us as a community can live a more sustainable lifestyle. These tips are not only fashion related, but also include sustainable topics like; chemical use, toxic substance disposal, deforestation, damaged aquatic ecosystems, and more!

"The fast fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the entire world! Due to the distribution, manufacturing, and transportation of the clothes you are I are wearing right now - our environment is int he worst state we've ever seen. Some say it's too late, but we believe that there is something that everyone can do to begin to reverse our individual impact on the environment!"

A new feature that Rendered Inc. has added to it's company is the Rendered box! The Rendered Box is a clothing subscription box that sends custom fashion pieces straight to your door! After filling out the closet persona quiz, Rendered Inc, will send you a personalized box in less than two weeks! How cool is that?

With this company, Saba wants to expand to every college campus in the country! Focusing on the students, she wants to be able to teach college students how to have a sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle. Within the next year or two Saba plans to expand to two campuses in the DMV area!

"To me, Rendered Inc. is more than a business. It's a way for me to spend time with my friends, meet new people, help boost creativity in individuals. The part I love the most though, is the unique aspect to all of our products. Remember, Rendered is for everyone!"

You can check out all of Rendered Inc. clothing at! To follow up with Saba and the team, head over to their Instagram @RenderedInc!


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